Pea balls – let’s give peas a tasty second chance!

pea balls

Have you ever made pea balls? Good old Latvian dishes are good ideas for eating peas in a tastier way. It is very important for Latvians to honor the traditions. As Latvians live according to the Solar calendar, every holiday in the year has an important ritual meaning. Just like the food that is brought

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Big grey peas in Latvian national Christmas dish

Big grey peas zutini

Big Grey peas with bacon are a “must have” on Latvians Christmas table. When you ask a Latvian “What is the national dish of your country?”, Big grey peas with bacon is usually the first thing that comes up. Peas with bacon are both the food with which we identify ourselves as a nation, and

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Behind the Seeds: Discovering the Family Farm of Clayton Brascoupe (U.S.A.)

Clayton Brascoupe

In this third “Behind the seeds” interview, Clayton Brascoupe, from the north of Santa Fe in New Mexico, shares his experience with the legumes he grows on his farm, in the international Slow Food convention in Torino “Terra Madre”.

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Behind the Seeds: Jugo Beans and Black Cowpeas with Melissa Le Court de Billot (South Africa)

In this second “Behind the Seeds” interview, Melissa Le Court de Billot shares her knowledge about two underrated South African legumes.

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Global Bean at Terra Madre

Until now the Global Bean Project has been a digital network  for me. Enthusiastic people —some might say nerdy :)) — work together to share knowledge through online meetings and publications to promote the wonderful and diverse family of legumes. This time however, thanks to our yearly cooking event „Give peas a chance“ in collaboration

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Behind the Seeds: The Updrögt Bean with Michael Recktenwald (Germany)

Ever heard of “Updrögt beans”, mysterious name for a traditional method of preserving beans? Michael Recktenwald – Chef of the SlowFood Chef Alliance and resident of Langeoog, one of the seven Islands in East Phrygia where those beans originate – shared the story of the beans with the Global Bean team, and now, with you.

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