Bean story: Peas are in peace, take a piece

Peter wakes up one morning and decides to skip school to work in his garden. He loves being in the garden, talking to plants and learning from them. He plants pea seeds and communicates with them, learning about their ability to loosen soil and release nutrients. The garden makes Peter feel peaceful and happy, unlike the noisy streets.

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Behind the seeds – The traditionnal “Harira”, with Maali Atila Sarih (Morocco)

In this 9th “Behind the Seeds” episode, we interviewed Maali Atila Sarih from south of Morocco at Terra Madre, Slow Food’s convention in Turin last September. Maali was born in Italy but her roots are Moroccan. Her mother is Arabic, so she talks about the culturally important dish -Harira.

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Pea balls – let’s give peas a tasty second chance!

pea balls

Have you ever made pea balls? Good old Latvian dishes are good ideas for eating peas in a tastier way. It is very important for Latvians to honor the traditions. As Latvians live according to the Solar calendar, every holiday in the year has an important ritual meaning. Just like the food that is brought

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Behind the seeds – Promoting biodiversity through education, with Lucas Mourão (Brazil)

As part of the 8th ‘Behind the Seeds’ interviews at Terra Madre, Slow Food’s convention in Turin last September, we interviewed Lucas Mourão from Belo Horizonte in Brazil. Lucas is the coordinator of Slow Food local community in his city, and works for Jaca Verde PANC, where he gives courses, guided tours, landscaping and consultancy on non-conventional food plants. Lucas is always looking for people that work with biodiversity!

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Behind the seeds – Fava Bean customs in Egypt, with Simone Nabil (Egypt)

As part of the 7th ‘Behind the Seeds’ interview at Terra Madre, Slow Food’s convention in Turin last September, we interviewed Simone Nabil, who is originally from Egypt but lives in France. In Egypt, Simone explains that they eat a lot of beans, and that they are an important part of the country’s traditional food.

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Big grey peas in Latvian national Christmas dish

Big grey peas zutini

Big Grey peas with bacon are a “must have” on Latvians Christmas table. When you ask a Latvian “What is the national dish of your country?”, Big grey peas with bacon is usually the first thing that comes up. Peas with bacon are both the food with which we identify ourselves as a nation, and

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Behind the Seeds – Beans and peas, and the “Chico” specialty, with Clayton Brascoupe (U.S.)

Clayton Brascoupe

In this third “Behind the seeds” interview, Clayton Brascoupe, from the north of Santa Fe in New Mexico, shares his experience with the legumes he grows on his farm, in the international Slow Food convention in Torino “Terra Madre”.

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Meet the Global Bean Partners: Claudia Friedrich

What is your name? What are the main projects or organisations you are currently involved in? Can you briefly present their activity and your function? My name is Claudia Friedrich, and my company is called heldenküche. At heldenküche we love good food and cooking. heldenküche is present in Leipzig, Stockholm and on your web-device. Our cooking

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Drought equals lower legume yields in Germany?

There is no denying that 2022 has been a particularly dry year.
However, for most field crops like pulses, it can be positive to have “dry weather” at the end of the crop cycle for example. Did legume yields suffer from the drought? What parameters are the ones impacting legumes? What are the means to adapt legume cultivation to the drought in Europe?

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