Living Seeds Sementes Vivas

100% organic and biodynamic seed company, from R&D (plant breeding), production, processing, storage, packaging, distribution. Semillas Vivas is the sister company in Spain. 35 contracted organic or Demeter farmers multiplying seeds. Living Seeds operates an own farm in Idanha a Nova with several trial fields and production areas. Around 30 people are employed.

Global Bean projects we are involved in:

We can offer:

plant breeding of legumes experiences, market and production skills, partnerships for processing or research

We seek:

old varieties, resilience profiles

In the Global Bean network since:
December 2021


Contributor on: The Legume Manifesto


Contributor on: Produce Your Own Seeds!


Bean Story: Peas Are in Peace, Take a Piece

Peter wakes up one morning and decides to skip school to work in his garden. He loves being in the garden, talking to plants and learning from them. He plants pea seeds and communicates with them, learning about their ability to loosen soil and release nutrients. The garden makes Peter feel peaceful and happy, unlike the noisy streets.

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