News about Global Bean Project activities and stories from our network.

Ful Salad

When I’m walking through the supermarket and see a jar of fava beans, it reminds me of my old roommate. His father is from Turkey, and when my roommate visited him on vacation, he would come back with both baklava and also new recipes. One of them was this simple and delicious ful salad! Even

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Meet the Global Bean Partners: Lucas Mourão

What is your name? Can you briefly explain what your organisation does and your role?  My name is Lucas Mourão and I’m the coordinator of Slow Food’s local community in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. We are involved in the promotion of local socio-biodiversity, especially of Cerrado* fruits, through events and educational workshops. *The Cerrado is a

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Behind the Seeds – Red and Black Beans, with Omar Rodriguez (Honduras)

For our 10th episode of “Behind the Seeds,” we spoke with Omar Rodriguez at Terra Madre, last year’s Slow Food Congress in Turin. He is from Honduras and works as a coffee producer. Besides coffee, he is also passionate about beans! As he explained, in Honduras corn and beans are staple foods with black and red beans being the most commonly used varieties.

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Seed Festival 2023: Highlights From the Online Programme

“The only real food we can eat is food from farms.” That was the message from Vandana Shiva as she addressed the crowd at Berlin’s Weltacker 2000m², a plot in the Pankow district that aims to highlight the means needed to feed the world’s population. For decades, Shiva has been advocating for biodiversity, the rights

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Bean story: Peas are in peace, take a piece

Peter wakes up one morning and decides to skip school to work in his garden. He loves being in the garden, talking to plants and learning from them. He plants pea seeds and communicates with them, learning about their ability to loosen soil and release nutrients. The garden makes Peter feel peaceful and happy, unlike the noisy streets.

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Pea balls – let’s give peas a tasty second chance!

pea balls

Have you ever made pea balls? Good old Latvian dishes are good ideas for eating peas in a tastier way. It is very important for Latvians to honor the traditions. As Latvians live according to the Solar calendar, every holiday in the year has an important ritual meaning. Just like the food that is brought

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Behind the seeds – Promoting biodiversity through education, with Lucas Mourão (Brazil)

As part of the 8th ‘Behind the Seeds’ interviews at Terra Madre, Slow Food’s convention in Turin last September, we interviewed Lucas Mourão from Belo Horizonte in Brazil. Lucas is the coordinator of Slow Food local community in his city, and works for Jaca Verde PANC, where he gives courses, guided tours, landscaping and consultancy on non-conventional food plants. Lucas is always looking for people that work with biodiversity!

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