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Behind the Seeds | Fagiolo di Sorana with Sara (Italy)

In the latest episode of our Behind the Seeds series, we meet Sara from the Buggiano region of Tuscany. She shows us Fagiolo di Sorana, a very delicate bean with a thin skin. It’s traditionally cooked in a carafe and must be cooked slowly in soft water to preserve its structural integrity.

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Become a Pulse Ambassador Workshop

The importance of pulses (lentils, Phaseolus beans, peas (Pisum and Lathyrus), chickpeas, fava beans, cowpeas) for sustainable cropping systems and healthy diets is widely and increasingly recognized. This workshop highlighted the benefits of pulses and the opportunities to use their potential to enhance the diversity of cropping systems and in diets for the protein transition, combining agronomic, sociological, nutritional and gastronomic aspects. A large space was given for interaction between participants about ways to promote pulses in their own communities.

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Behind the Seeds: Phaseolus Lunatus with Nina (Ecuador)

In this episode of our Behind the Seeds series, we meet Nina, a farmer from Ecuador who talked to us about her passion for beans. Phaseolus Lunatus, which is also known as the lima bean or butter bean, is one of her favourite types. She particularly likes this variety because they are big, produce a

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Meet the Global Bean Partners: Beany Things

Please introduce yourself and tell us about how your work relates to legumes. How did you first fall in love with legumes? Hi, my name is Nitya and I’m a New Zealander living in Valencia, Spain. Together with my husband, we have a small farm where, among other things, we grow many kinds of beans.

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Slow Beans Smilyan Meetup

Back in June, Lisa from The Global Bean Project headed to Smilyan in southern Bulgaria to attend a Slow Beans network meeting hosted by Rhodopi-Smilyan Beans Convivivium. The village of Smilyan is nestled deep in the Rhodope Mountains close to the Greek border. 820-850 meters above sea level and bisected by the swift-flowing Arda River,

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Meet the Global Bean Partners: Linsenlena

Please introduce yourself and tell us about how your work relates to legumes. How did you first fall in love with legumes? My name is Lena, I’m from Switzerland, and although I come from a completely different field (law!), I started giving baking and cooking classes for legumes a few years ago because I am

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Meet the Global Bean Partners: Lucas Mourão

What is your name? Can you briefly explain what your organisation does and your role?  My name is Lucas Mourão and I’m the coordinator of Slow Food’s local community in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. We are involved in the promotion of local socio-biodiversity, especially of Cerrado* fruits, through events and educational workshops. *The Cerrado is a

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Behind the Seeds: Red and Black Beans with Omar Rodriguez (Honduras)

For our 10th episode of “Behind the Seeds,” we spoke with Omar Rodriguez at Terra Madre, last year’s Slow Food Congress in Turin. He is from Honduras and works as a coffee producer. Besides coffee, he is also passionate about beans! As he explained, in Honduras corn and beans are staple foods with black and red beans being the most commonly used varieties.

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Bean Story: Peas Are in Peace, Take a Piece

Peter wakes up one morning and decides to skip school to work in his garden. He loves being in the garden, talking to plants and learning from them. He plants pea seeds and communicates with them, learning about their ability to loosen soil and release nutrients. The garden makes Peter feel peaceful and happy, unlike the noisy streets.

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