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Legume fatigue : Prevention is better than cure 

The importance of legumes in arable farming Legumes are of particular importance in arable farming due to their symbiosis with root nodules (rhizobia). The ability of root nodules to fix atmospheric  nitrogen makes legumes an important basic component in crop rotations, especially in organic farming. For this reason, legumes are often used not only as

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The Latvian way to eat Fava beans

The Fava beans have been known for centuries in traditional Latvian cuisine. They were the first ones brought to Latvia and Baltics, and were the main food (along with brown peas) until potatoes arrived and took the first place. Nowadays, boiled Fava beans are the Latvian traditional summer meal. In this article, I’m gonna show

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Become a legume seed multiplicator!

The beauty in the seeds and further advantages of producing your own legume seeds This article has also been published in German on the TerrABC platform, Legume seeds are living miracles The other day, I was looking at some beans before cooking them and I had an “aha-moment”: a plant had used the genetic

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Pulses and the “protein transition”

Takeaways from Terra Madre 2022 Closed roundtable, public conference and a closer look at the recent IPES-Food report The high protein content of pulses is one of the main reasons why we (the Global Bean community and many others) believe that they have a key role to play in fixing our broken food system –

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Meet the Global Bean Partners: Claudia Friedrich

What is your name? What are the main projects or organisations you are currently involved in? Can you briefly present their activity and your function? My name is Claudia Friedrich, and my company is called heldenküche. At heldenküche we love good food and cooking. heldenküche is present in Leipzig, Stockholm and on your web-device. Our cooking

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Global Bean at Terra Madre

Until now the Global Bean Project has been a digital network  for me. Enthusiastic people —some might say nerdy :)) — work together to share knowledge through online meetings and publications to promote the wonderful and diverse family of legumes. This time however, thanks to our yearly cooking event „Give peas a chance“ in collaboration

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Behind the Seeds – Updrögt Bean

Ever heard of “Updrögt beans”, mysterious name for a traditional method of preserving beans? Michael Recktenwald – Chef of the SlowFood Chef Alliance and resident of Langeoog, one of the seven Islands in East Phrygia where those beans originate – shared the story of the beans with the Global Bean team, and now, with you.

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