Meet the Global Bean Partners

Get to know the partners in our network, find out more about their work, and learn about their relationship with legumes.

Meet the Global Bean Partners: Linsenlena

Please introduce yourself and tell us about how your work relates to legumes. How did you first fall in love with legumes? My name is Lena, I’m from Switzerland, and although I come from a completely different field (law!), I started giving baking and cooking classes for legumes a few years ago because I am

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Meet the Global Bean Partners: Lucas Mourão

What is your name? Can you briefly explain what your organisation does and your role?  My name is Lucas Mourão and I’m the coordinator of Slow Food’s local community in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. We are involved in the promotion of local socio-biodiversity, especially of Cerrado* fruits, through events and educational workshops. *The Cerrado is a

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Meet the Global Bean Partners: Claudia Friedrich

What is your name? What are the main projects or organisations you are currently involved in? Can you briefly present their activity and your function? My name is Claudia Friedrich, and my company is called heldenküche. At heldenküche we love good food and cooking. heldenküche is present in Leipzig, Stockholm and on your web-device. Our cooking

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