Discover here some articles while looking back at some special events within the Global Bean network, whether designed to increase public awareness of legumes benefits, or facilitating exchange among a community of bean experts and enthusiasts. Please note: discover here all the events organised throughout the year by the Global bean team and its network of partners.

Seed Festival 2023: Highlights From the Online Programme

“The only real food we can eat is food from farms.” That was the message from Vandana Shiva as she addressed the crowd at Berlin’s Weltacker 2000m², a plot in the Pankow district that aims to highlight the means needed to feed the world’s population. For decades, Shiva has been advocating for biodiversity, the rights

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Looking back on the Soup&Talk event

On 21 January, the 8th annual Soup&Talk organized by 2000m2 Weltacker took place at the Heinrich Böll Foundation. The aim of this event was to warm up with hot soup and exchange ideas on existing approaches for the transformation of sustainable agriculture. Lisa Hoffmann, the project coordinator, presented the project at the event. Can beans

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Lentil Mania & a happy new year!

Do you know why Italians eat lentils on New Year’s Eve? Have you heard of the Colline Ennesi Black Lentil? Discover lentils from a whole new angle in this article describing the traditions of lentil dishes and how to cook them with a special recipe of Orange lentil salad with fennel from Cecilia Antoni (Bean Beat)!

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Pulses and the “protein transition”

Takeaways from Terra Madre 2022 Closed roundtable, public conference and a closer look at the recent IPES-Food report The high protein content of pulses is one of the main reasons why we (the Global Bean community and many others) believe that they have a key role to play in fixing our broken food system –

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Global Bean at Terra Madre

Until now the Global Bean Project has been a digital network  for me. Enthusiastic people —some might say nerdy :)) — work together to share knowledge through online meetings and publications to promote the wonderful and diverse family of legumes. This time however, thanks to our yearly cooking event „Give peas a chance“ in collaboration

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An evening celebrating pulses in Berlin

Last Saturday at the Global Field in Berlin, surrounded by the luscious plants of the greenhouse, Cecilia Antoni (@bean.beat) of the Global Bean team held a speech about the advantages of pulses in our diet during the evening event, “Iss mir Bohne!”. This event, whose title is a world play on “Eat more beans” and

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The Fastest bean: coming to an end

What a ride bean-friends, what a growth! As October creeps in, and the summer heat abruptly leaves way to freezing cold – in Germany at least – what better occasion to look back on where the beans started, and where they are now. In May, as the soil was freezing cold as well in the

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Legumes at re:publica!

At this year’s Re:publica, Carla Ulrich and Sofia Elisabeth Berlinghof from Tiny Farms, and Ekkehard Spiegel (Global Bean) held a workshop on how “The solution for the food of the future lies in legumes”.

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