Cultivation of legumes

Beans, peas, lentils, peanuts, clover, lupin, fava beans, soybeans, cowpeas… The leguminous family is very wide and so are the cultivation methods used all over the world. Discover useful insights and tips here. Please note: for further tips, discover our cultivation instructions here.

Win-Winter Grain Legumes

Author: Yana Stiewe (Global Plot Berlin) Based on the research on Winter legume crops of Magdalena Aigner (Arche Noah) Taking a walk during wintertime shows us that the world is asleep. Grey skies, leafless trees and bare soil, nothing covering the ground. The latter is actually nothing nature intends to do but rather anthropogenic interference.

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The central role of legumes in Kenyan diet

Kenya is considered a farming nation. Among farming communities in the country, legumes are an important source of nourishment and are, therefore, central to many diets in the country. They are indeed good sources of protein, fibre, they protect against diseases, they fertilise the soil for other crops and they contribute to the economy of the country. Want to know how? Discover the role of vegetables in Kenya in this article! 

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Legume Fatigue: Prevention Is Better Than a Cure

The importance of legumes in arable farming Legumes are of particular importance in arable farming due to their symbiosis with root nodules (rhizobia). The ability of root nodules to fix atmospheric nitrogen makes legumes an important basic component in crop rotations, especially in organic farming. For this reason, legumes are often used not only as

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Become a legume seed multiplicator!

The beauty in the seeds and further advantages of producing your own legume seeds This article has also been published in German on the TerrABC platform, Legume seeds are living miracles The other day, I was looking at some beans before cooking them and I had an “aha-moment”: a plant had used the genetic

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Global Bean at Terra Madre

Until now the Global Bean Project has been a digital network  for me. Enthusiastic people —some might say nerdy :)) — work together to share knowledge through online meetings and publications to promote the wonderful and diverse family of legumes. This time however, thanks to our yearly cooking event „Give peas a chance“ in collaboration

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A case of cowpeas in Baringo County, Kenya

Many regions of Kenya can be categorized into arid and semi-arid lands that receive unsustainable rainfall of between 250mm-500mm. Millions of smallholder farmers in the arid and semiarid lands of Kenya prefer cultivating legumes over other cash crops – crops grown mainly for sale – due to…

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