ARCHE NOAH is an association with more than 16.000 members and was founded in 1990 as an initiative of heirloom gardeners, farmers and journalists, concerned with the future of seeds, fruits and heirloom varieties. ARCHE NOAH responds to the loss of agro-biodiversity with numerous activities and a positive outlook. All of us can contribute to more diversity through cultivation of threatened varieties in our gardens, through consumer awareness and political commitment.
Our main working fields: Seed Collection with 5.5000 accessions (including 800 beans), seed saver network (over 150 participants), seed and biodiversity policy and advocacy, public garden, sustainable use team (focus on tomatoes and legumes).

Global Bean projects we are involved in:

We can offer:

Maintaining and documenting rare bean varieties (& gardening skills), detailed cultivation instructions for beans and snap peas, experience in participatory breeding (pisum, vicia faba), decentralized variety trials, dissemination of knowledge, biodiversity and seed policy, legume recipe book, annual seed festival + events in our public garden.

We seek:

Experience with winter-hardy varieties of vicia faba for human consumption

In the Global Bean network since:
December 2021


Contributor on: Faba Bean


Contributor on: Produce Your Own Seeds!


Win-Winter Grain Legumes

Author: Yana Stiewe (Global Plot Berlin) Based on the research on Winter legume crops of Magdalena Aigner (Arche Noah) Taking a walk during wintertime shows us that the world is asleep. Grey skies, leafless trees and bare soil, nothing covering the ground. The latter is actually nothing nature intends to do but rather anthropogenic interference.

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