Consumption of legumes

Legumes are consumed all over the world, and even within the same country there is a wide variety of consumption patterns. Have a look at the stories of Global Bean partners and bean enthusiasts on this page! Please note: for further recipes, discover our recipe collection here.

Behind the Seeds | Fagiolo di Sorana with Sara (Italy)

In the latest episode of our Behind the Seeds series, we meet Sara from the Buggiano region of Tuscany. She shows us Fagiolo di Sorana, a very delicate bean with a thin skin. It’s traditionally cooked in a carafe and must be cooked slowly in soft water to preserve its structural integrity.

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Meet the Global Bean Partners: Linsenlena

Please introduce yourself and tell us about how your work relates to legumes. How did you first fall in love with legumes? My name is Lena, I’m from Switzerland, and although I come from a completely different field (law!), I started giving baking and cooking classes for legumes a few years ago because I am

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Pea balls – let’s give peas a tasty second chance!

pea balls

Have you ever made pea balls? Good old Latvian dishes are good ideas for eating peas in a tastier way. It is very important for Latvians to honor the traditions. As Latvians live according to the Solar calendar, every holiday in the year has an important ritual meaning. Just like the food that is brought

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Big grey peas in Latvian national Christmas dish

Big grey peas zutini

Big Grey peas with bacon are a “must have” on Latvians Christmas table. When you ask a Latvian “What is the national dish of your country?”, Big grey peas with bacon is usually the first thing that comes up. Peas with bacon are both the food with which we identify ourselves as a nation, and

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Lentil Mania & a happy new year!

Do you know why Italians eat lentils on New Year’s Eve? Have you heard of the Colline Ennesi Black Lentil? Discover lentils from a whole new angle in this article describing the traditions of lentil dishes and how to cook them with a special recipe of Orange lentil salad with fennel from Cecilia Antoni (Bean Beat)!

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Legumes In School Canteens 

Have you ever thought about what they cook in school cafeterias (and how)? The cost of good, healthy food doesn’t have to be unsustainable. The case of Qualità & Servizi, which prepares 9,000 meals a day for schools on the Florence plain, is a good practice example. Today instead we address a different aspect, in certain respects even more striking: namely the fact that this model may be replicated everywhere.

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The Latvian way to eat Fava beans

The Fava beans have been known for centuries in traditional Latvian cuisine. They were the first ones brought to Latvia and Baltics, and were the main food (along with brown peas) until potatoes arrived and took the first place. Nowadays, boiled Fava beans are the Latvian traditional summer meal. In this article, I’m gonna show

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Global Bean at Terra Madre

Until now the Global Bean Project has been a digital network  for me. Enthusiastic people —some might say nerdy :)) — work together to share knowledge through online meetings and publications to promote the wonderful and diverse family of legumes. This time however, thanks to our yearly cooking event „Give peas a chance“ in collaboration

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