Bean King & Queen Day Baking Event

Celebrate one of the oldest bean customs together & learn how to bake with pulses

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– Swiss Dreikönigskuchen (Bean-Based Version)
– Galette Des Rois With Sweet Azuki Bean Puree Filling


We started 2023 with GOOD LUCK! Older even than the Princess on the Pea is the Bean King across Europe. This ancient custom ends the dark cold nights and is a beautiful feast among friends to begin the new year with lightness, sweet beans and even with a crown.  Essential for this custom is a special cake, called “Galette des Rois” in France and “Königskuchen” in Switzerland, which we learned how to bake. The best bean bakers Lena and Cecilia showed us the most important basics with pulses as a dough and as a filling.  

While our cakes were in the oven, we heared more from our partners about the custom from the 14th century which is still present in different ways in France, Spain, Switzerland and the South of Germany.

The Bean King/Queen Feast

The baking class was led by Dr. Lena Rutishauser ( & Cecilia Antoni ( and was in easy English.

  • Lena showed us how to make a sweet bread with beans with her Dreikönigskuchen (meaning “three king cake” in German) from Switzerland. 
  • While Cecilia changed the filling of the French classic Galette des Rois and filled it with a sweet bean puree. 

In Cecilia’s recipe, you need to soak Azuki beans (= small red beans) or small white beans at least 6 hours (best overnight) and cook them during one hour. This can be the occasion for you to test cooking pulses with dry seeds: see all the advantages and tips in our info sheet! You can also bake both versions (they taste very different)!

Azuki Beans © Bean Beat
Recipe with Azuki Beans © Bean Beat
Recipe with Azuki Beans © Bean Beat

Happy New Year 2023, full of beans!

Cecilia, Lena and the Global Bean team


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