Live in the Legume Show Gardens! 2023

A virtual tour through gardens in Europe and beyond


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Curious about the diversity of legumes and how they are produced? Watch the recording of our “Live in the show gardens” meeting and discover legume gardens throughout Europe and beyond!

The Global Bean Show Gardens are a diverse network of demonstration gardens, production farms, breeding stations, and experimental farms.

This interactive online event took us – live – to some of the gardens. At a round table with the gardeners, we heard their legume-growing tips, learned about their specialties, and had a chance to ask questions.

We went live to Liechtenstein with Florian, an agricultural advisor, and learned more about peas and beans being grown by a Ed, a farmer in the Netherlands for clients of a CSA. We saw legumes that are produced in Ethiopia as part of an intercropping system, with Amanuel. We heard from Ekke, the gardener of the Global Field Berlin, the organisation behind Global Bean, who is experimenting with tropical legumes, and from Nicolas, agronomist in Spain, who is looking for the best methods for growing cowpeas.

For those of you who like to grow legumes, this public session is a great opportunity to discover legume cultivation in other countries and connect with other keen gardeners!


Ekkehard Spiegel (Germany) talks about the issue of legume fatigue and which crops can be affected. He also showcases his approach to cultivation for several bean species. You can find out more about legume fatigue in this article.

Amanuel Samuel (Ethiopia) presents several legume crops, including fava beans. He explains how he integrates them with other crops and give an overview of water conservation practices.

Florian Bernardi (Liechtenstein) answers questions live with fields of soybeans and yellow peas as a backdrop.

Eduard Hernandez Nualart (The Netherlands) explains how he transplants runner beans and bush beans and show us different sowing, planting, and seed reproduction methods.

Nicolas Carton (Spain) takes us to an experimental cowpea field, showcasing the different sowing dates, irrigation practises and varieties that are being tested.


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