Slow Beans meeting among legume farmers in Sicily

The meeting with local and international legume farmers was held for the second time, this year in Polizzi Generosa in Sicily from August 19-21, 2022.

Due to the drought, many producers weren’t able to harvest this year. Some of them were still able to attend and present mainly special traditional varieties and exciting info on cultivation and preparation.

In addition, a conference (hybrid) was held on “Legumes – Food of the Future: best practices of communities to promote a climate-friendly diet”.

There also was a cooking event, where visitors could discover many dishes with legumes, including “Farina” with Sweet Pea.

The events were very well attended, with visitors coming all the way from Palermo to attend, greeted by a very convivial mood…

…and by the diversity of legume seeds!

Author: Cecilia Antoni

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