Seed Association of Serbia

The Seed Association of Serbia was established in 2001 and has been accepted as a full member of the International Seed federation in 2002, as well as Euroseeds in 2006. The Seed Association of Serbia ( 28 members) brings together the entire value chain: researchers, producers, processors, market and actors for regulatory issues. We are able to help to speed up innovation and the uptake of results and create thematic cooperation between researchers, advisors and farmers.

Global Bean projects we are involved in:

We can offer:

Transferring knowledge and innovation in practice, disseminating project results to the farmers/stakeholders, creating practical cultivation instructions and interesting recipes and cooking.

We seek:

Experience in legume gardening, exotic pulse varieties, traditional recipes and cooking experience

In the Global Bean network since:
December 2021


Soybean - cover

Soybean – Edamame

Did you know that you can easily grow soybeans in your european garden? From the most suitable soil, the plant's most common diseases, its characteristics and the best harvesting time, find everything you need to know for successfully growing edamame.

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The Role of Legumes in the Climate Crisis

Legumes can play a significant role in the context of the climate crisis due to their unique characteristics including nitrogen-fixing root nodules and high levels of protein. In this event, we learnt more about this fascinating topic. Take a look at the recording and find out about some of the ways in which legumes can

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Intercropping – The Power of Plant Collaboration

Legumes with their nitrogen fixing potential are ideal partners in many intercropping systems. Experts in intercropping discuss beneficial effects of intercropping, practical results and motivation to adopt intercropping practices on the route to sustainable agriculture and gardening.

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