Alvelal Association


Dani is a Spanish farmer, growing every year between 20 and 40 hectares chickpeas in María, Andalucía. Legume cultivation in this region of the North of the Almería has its challenges, due to the extremely dry climate. On their 300 hectares of field crops, the chickpeas are rotating with barley, wheat, safflower, but also two other legumes: vetch and sainfoin, that are grown for fodder. They also have an almond orchard and pistachio.

Chickpeas in the field in Almería ©Dani
The 2022 chickpea harvest:
a lot of barley was growing together
with the chickpeas, an unintentional
intercrop due to barley “volunteers”

Cultivated legumes

  • Chickpea variety “Pedrosiliano”: small calibre kabuli chickpeas, well adapted to unfavourable conditions, able to tolerate humidity, and pretty resistant to ascochyta blight (a fungal disease).
  • Vetch and Sainfoin for fodder.