• 500g dried white beans
  • one clove chopped garlic
  • stale bread
  • half tablespoon dry bell pepper
  • a bit of salt
  • one spoon extra virgin olive oil


Soak the beans the night before, in the morning boil them covered with water in a large pot, very slowly preferably over a fireplace fire, salt them almost at the end of cooking.

In an oven dish lay the stale bread, cut into rather thick slices, and pour in the hot beans with cooking water, add chopped garlic the bell bell pepper and olive oil.

Story behind the recipe

This cookbook represents a miscellany of tradition and innovation, a succession of recette whose colors and scents recall the Pollino landscapes and testify to the commitment and culinary passion of the “Pollino ladies” who created the dishes and the AASD “Pollino” technicians who worked hard to produce this booklet.

Partner - ALSIA

About Pietro ZennaIT

ALSIA is an instrumental body of the Basilicata Region for the research and transfer of innovations in agriculture and agri-food. ALSIA participates in projects of community regional, and national interest in agricultural biodiversity, multifunctionality, training, and enhancement of agricultural production. Is currently involved in participatory and evolutionary breeding programs on local beans and their mixtures as well as in bread and durum wheat local varieties and their mixtures. Bean mixtures have already been successfully commercialized.

It is the most important regional center for biodiversity characterization and conservation.

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