Genbänkle e.V

The Genbänkle aims to list, network, and visualise initiatives and organisations working on old and rare vegetable varieties in Baden-Württemberg. In the beginning we established a list of relevant contacts in Baden-Württemberg. This forms the basis of a database and an online map service. These resources provide interested people with easier access to regional and true-breeding seeds of old and rare vegetable varieties.

Global Bean projects we are involved in:

We can offer:

Network of seed savers, exchange about the search for regional heirloom varieties, experience from the successful story of a regional lentil variety (Alblinse), raising awareness for the topic in our talks, newsletter, seed markets and courses.

We seek:

Exchange/best practice examples for the reintroduction of more regional legume varieties for human consumption (e.g. Phaseolus coccineus, mixed cropping of maize and beans).

In the Global Bean network since:
July 2022


Multiplication of Legume Seeds

"For small quantities, shelling can be done by hand. For larger quantities, you can beat the pods with a stick. You can also walk on them." Learn how to properly multiply your bean, faba bean and pea seeds!

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Exploring Bean Diversity

Beans (phaseolus) are the most important legumes of the world - and probably the most diverse and beautiful pulses. At the occasion of World Pulses Day 2022, Patrick Kaiser from Genbänkle, Germany, leads us through the history and diversity of beans.

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