ALSIA is an instrumental body of the Basilicata Region for the research and transfer of innovations in agriculture and agri-food. ALSIA participates in projects of community regional, and national interest in agricultural biodiversity, multifunctionality, training, and enhancement of agricultural production. Is currently involved in participatory and evolutionary breeding programs on local beans and their mixtures as well as in bread and durum wheat local varieties and their mixtures. Bean mixtures have already been successfully commercialized.

It is the most important regional center for biodiversity characterization and conservation.

Global Bean projects we are involved in:

We can offer:

Participatory and Evolutionary plant breeding using a wide farmers’ network, a functional gene bank and expertise in experimental designs and statistical analysis for adaptation to organic conditions.

We seek:

To extend the use of bean and cereal mixtures in contrasting microenvironments of the regions to enhance the cultivated agrobiodiversity of the region and to benefit consumers.

In the Global Bean network since:
July 2022


Mix It!

The science of planting mixtures and populations of different legumes is nearly 100 years old, rooted in the experience of millenia. Salvatore Ceccarelli, a pioneer of participatory and diversity based plant breeding, presents and discuss examples of these advantages.

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