Its mission is to carry out excellent science in order to provide innovative solutions addressing global challenges, notably climate change, biodiversity and food security while at the same time enabling the much needed agroecological, nutritional and energy transitions. This research also serves policy making from regional to international levels, thereby contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Thanks to its diverse research teams, INRAE produces targeted research, via a process in which basic science and applied science go hand in hand and discipline-specific perspectives are paired with interdisciplinary approaches. In this work, it can rely on a network of research infrastructures and experimental research units that has no equal in Europe. INRAE is fully committed to the principles of open science. It also embraces participatory science as a means of engaging with greater numbers of everyday citizens.

Global Bean projects we are involved in:

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Expertise and access to a network of INRAE researchers working on legumes from seeds to feed and food consumption topics,those various topics are currently invested through regional, national and european projects.

We seek:

This project could create new collaborations with INRAE, knowledge dissemination...Collaborations to organise special sessions in conferences (the French Meeting on Legumes RFL, ILS…)

In the Global Bean network since:
July 2022