Vitamin N

Local initiative and private blog promoting health, nature and sustainability. Creating awareness about food consumption and agriculture. Supporting small farmers (setting up a local food cooperation).
Member and cooperation with the food council of Marburg.

Scope: building a Global Bean Show Garden in our community to raise awareness for legumes and demonstrate biodiversity.

Global Bean projects we are involved in:

We can offer:
  • Network/contacts: Food council Marburg, Slow Food Mittelhessen members & Slow Food Youth
  • Studying health benefits
  • Promoting legumes
We seek:
  • creating awareness for the initiative
  • collection of seeds
In the Global Bean network since:
July 2022


Food Council Marburg

Tanja Neuschild, working for the Food council Marburg, wants to raise the attention of the local community to the huge diversity of legumes that can grow in the village. This bean show garden is located in Wehrda, a district of the German city of Maburg.

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