Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP)

UCP is a research university characterized by a humanist vision committed to contributing to knowledge creation and to the well-being of society. Research at the University is organized into Research Centres and Associate Laboratories, following the National Scientific System implemented by the Portuguese Science Foundation. UCP is committed to disseminating its research outcomes both nationally and internationally. The School of Biotechnology (ESB), provides higher education with emphasis on the agro-food and environmental areas and their interfaces with health and well-being. ESB hosts the research unit Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry (, rated as Excellent by an international panel in the 2019 evaluation by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology.

We can offer:

Legume nutritional evaluation, abiotic stress tolerance evaluation, legume germplasm, legume recipe books

We seek:

Partnerships for legume dissemination, for trialling different legumes in different geographic locations, partners to participate in our legume-related events, participants that are willing to answer questionnaires/surveys on legume consumption

In the Global Bean network since:
December 2021