Pluk! is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm. The CSA model is a simple alternative to the current broken industrial food system, and a move towards local food production. Harvesters pay an annual fee so that the farmers can grow fresh vegetables for them using organic farming methods.

Pluk! Groenten van West was initiated by urban farming collective Cityplot at the beginning of 2017 in order to show that it is possible to provide urban dwellers with healthy organic food. We started off at the Fruittuin van West, and in 2021 expanded further into the polder at the Boterbloem farm in the Lutkemeerpolder. Today we grow for a total of nearly 200 families at our farms.

We can offer:

We can offer small-scale farming knowledge base on agroecological principals and all type of education relating to it.

We seek:

Community, networking, share knowledge and solidarity between all of us.

In the Global Bean network since:
January 2023