Dr. Donal Murphy-Bokern

I am an independent agricultural and environmental scientist with experience in the British and German civil services. My academic background is agricultural science, agricultural systems, and economics. I work in particular in the space between public research, policy, and agricultural innovation. I have been heavily involved in research on the production and use of legumes in Europe through the Legume Futures and Legumes Translated EU-funded projects. I chair the European Legume Hub Association.

Global Bean projects we are involved in:

We can offer:

Developing research strategy, managing research projects and programmes, agricultural expertise, access to European scientists through the projects I have been involved in.

We seek:

Widening and deepening of the membership and use of The Legume Hub.

In the Global Bean network since:
December 2021


Legume Manifesto - cover

The Legume Manifesto

The legumes are a very special diverse group of protein-rich plants that can help us eat better for the planet and for our health. They are defined by the butterfly-like flowers we can see in pea and bean plants.

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Global Bean Grand Opening

The grand opening of the Global Bean Project - presenting the Global Bean legume manifesto, seed, gardening & cooking plans and the great Global Bean partners from around Europe!

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