Food Council Marburg


This bean show garden is located in Wehrda, a district of the German city of Marburg. Tanja Neuschild, working for the Food council Marburg, wants to raise the attention of the local community to the huge diversity of legumes that can grow in the village.

Students from a local school built a legume-tunnel with 34 different types of legumes (bush beans, soy beans, climbing beans, fava beans, peas etc) during their « UNESCO project day for sustainability » ). 

Setting up the Bean tunnel ©Tanja Neuschild

The show garden is part of one of the “local food points”, meeting points for neighbours to exchange experiences, information and practical know-how about food production and gardening.

Cultivated legumes

22 types of runner beans, 5 types of scarlet runner beans, 8 types of bush beans, faba beans, bush beans, and peas.