The Plant Farm

A developing small-scale smallholding based on using sustainable and regenerative methods, growing a diverse range of fruit and vegetables to feed ourselves and share within the local community. We try to find the best varieties that do well in our micro climate, with special focus on legumes. All varieties we seek and grow are the less common and heritage strains to promote self-reliance and resilience within our network of growers and seed-savers.

We can offer:

our own experiences of growing, harvesting, drying and seed saving a range of legume varieties in our particular micro-climate of south-west Scotland.
seed swaps where possible.
skill and knowledge share on the use of legumes for soil health and fertility.
knowledge and skills for growing food and supporting nature using permaculture methods.
information from our experience of setting up and running seed swap events in our local communities.

We seek:

connection with others growing on a similar scale who are growing heritage, edible beans (and peas) to share methods, ideas, successes, challenges - and hopefully even seed, where possible!
skills and knowledge sharing to help us boost the growing and consumption of a diverse range of legumes.
knowledge on the more unusual varieties of legume that are grown around the world and how they are consumed, or used (if not directly eaten).

In the Global Bean network since:
November 2023