Terres Univia

Terres Univia is an interbranch organisation which represents French oilseed and oil fruit sector (oil seed rape, sunflower, soya, linseed, olive) and French legume seed sector (field pea, faba bean, lupin, lentil, chickpea, alfalfa) interests. It brings together and represents the professional organisations of these sectors, from production to industrial processing: breeding activities (seed breeders, seed multipliers), crop production, storage activities and industrial transformation (crushing, refining, etc.).
Terres Univia also facilitates interactions between professional partners like producers and processors, undertakes activities of collective interest action, and promotes the development and the use of oilseeds and legume seeds and associated products. Finally, Terres Univia follows market trends, regulatory and food safety information, and statistical information transfer about the French oilseed and legume sector.

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We can offer:
Experiences, expertise, contacts/networks about the French legume sector

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We seek:
Experiences, expertise, contacts/networks about legume sectors from other countries

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December 2021