Skillebyholm is a centre for biodynamic and organic gardening and education. We have cultivated our fields and greenhouses sustainably since 1974. Skillebyholm offers vocational training in gardening as well as longer and shorter courses for people interested in growing food and sustainable landscape cultivation. We also have a farm shop and restaurant featuring vegetables from the garden and local producers. Skillebyholm coordinates several research and development projects focusing on sustainable food and farming, among them the 2000m2 Baltic – co-creating food culture and innovation.

We can offer:

Skillebyholm can contribute with knowledge on growing beans and peas in a Nordic climate. We also have a farm to fork perspective, both in practice as well as in research and development. We can provide a network in Sweden including students, market gardeners and farmers, small scale processors as well as R&D interested in foodscapes that include pulses.

We seek:

We seek inspiration in how to raise awareness on the positive effects of growing and eating pulses to inspire people to contribute to a more sustainable food system. We seek partners for cooperation and funding proposals for international research and development projects.

In the Global Bean network since:
July 2022