Porotarium Austral

Genetic erosion of landraces is increasing worldwide. The disappearance of landraces also means cultural erosion, since biological and cultural evolution are hampered. However, regions rich in landrace biodiversity still remain, such as the Andean region of Southern Chile. Porotarium Austral brings together an interdisciplinary team, working towards in situ conservation of local bean landraces, by revitalizing related knowledge and practices held by local communities. Through collective actions that intertwine science, local knowledge, and art, Porotarium Austral aims to address the degradation of agrobiodiversity and the erosion of local knowledge through beans, a charismatic crop, key to the world´s biocultural heritage.

We can offer:

Experience in food heritage revitalisation.

We seek:

To stab lush networks that showcase our work to increase our impact.

In the Global Bean network since:
May 2023