PlantEurope Network by NAHhaft e.V.

The PlantEurope Network aims to connect European innovators working towards a plant-based food system.
We welcome all pioneers and flagship projects, start-ups, organizations, associations, scientists and stakeholders within the gastronomy and communal catering sector to

  • connect with the plant-based community
  • share knowledge, ideas and resources
  • learn about facts, tools and trends
  • join networking events
We can offer:

We welcome you to the network to connect also with other people from the plant-based community, where you can share your events, information sheets, publications, etc. with the network and find materials, ideas, funding offered by others for free.

We seek:

To connect the community and pool resources that we can disseminate to network members and the interested public for free.

In the Global Bean network since:
July 2022