Mensa Civica

Mensa Cívica is a Spanish association that gathers diverse stakeholders of the food supply chain (producers, distributors, small and medium-sized catering companies and self-managed kitchens, social organizations and professionals) in order to promote sustainability in collective catering, particularly in educational centres (kindergartens, schools, universities), hospitals, elderly homes and public transport. Founded in 2015, the association has been conducting for years a campaign "Eat pulses: they are healthy and sustainable" that is aimed to encourage to eat at least twice during a week more quality pulses such as those with the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), and organic or mountain farming certifications at public canteens. In previous years, we have engaged more than over 100,000 people from around 500 public canteens. Are you the next one? Follow us and join our campaign!

We can offer:

Educational resources and expertise on how to conduct a campaign and workshops with families, pupils, and cooks. We also do policy and advocacy at different levels in terms pulses are included widely in public tenders of schools, hospitals and other public institutions.

We seek:

Collaboration / coordination with other networks

In the Global Bean network since:
October 2023