Organic Agriculture Association-OAA

OAA was established on 13 June 1997, by a group of 22 agricultural specialists and farmers.
The roots of membership are farmers and groups of farmers, Also, members are university teachers, researchers, businessmen and other individuals involved or willing to join the organic movement in Albania.
The mission of OAA is to contribute to sustainable development and environmental protection at national level with main focus on rural development.

Global Bean projects we are involved in:

We can offer:

experiences of great farmer’s varieties of legumes in Albania and more specific in Korca region, which is really reach on those. In the meantime we have members of OAA of a high expertise level on beans. We also are able to test different varieties in orur plot of 2000 m2.

We seek:

The project can be very useful in terms of exchanging the seeds of the legumes,, the techniques in terms of saving the seeds in situ and ex situ, identification of most adaptable beans in terms of climate change, Fighting together to the farmers’ rights for their seeds, possibilities for expansion of new seeds and tests

In the Global Bean network since:
September 2022



The Role of Legumes in the Climate Crisis

Legumes can play a significant role in the context of the climate crisis due to their unique characteristics including nitrogen-fixing root nodules and high levels of protein. In this event, we learnt more about this fascinating topic. Take a look at the recording and find out about some of the ways in which legumes can

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