GIY (Grow it Yourself)

We are a social enterprise supporting people to live healthier, happier lives by growing some of their own food. food. Our mission is to educate and enable a global movement of food growers (from our home and HQ in Waterford), whose collective actions will help to build a sustainable food system. GIY aim to support 10 Million people to grow their own beans over the next 3 years.

We can offer:

GIY currently support over 1 Million people a year to grow food. Our role is to engage, educate, inspire and enable people to start their food growing journey. Our expertise is devising, delivering and supporting food growing programmes at scale.

We seek:

As we launch our campaign to support 10 Million people to grow beans across 10 markets over the next 3 years, GIY seek partner support in relation to programme funding, seed sourcing & fulfilment, distribution and impact measurement.

In the Global Bean network since:
January 2023