Beans is How

Beans is How was launched at COP27 with the ambition to double global bean (as well as peas, pulses, lentils and legumes) consumption around the world by 2028. Mobilized by the SDG2 Advocacy Hub, efforts will be supported by a network of Bean Coalition partners and a Scientific and Innovation Advisory Council who will guide, champion, and help achieve the campaign’s mission. For more information: please visit: and follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @beansishow

We can offer:

* Expertise in consumer focused campaigning with unique calls to action
* A large network
* New research
* Possible influencer strategy, including chefs, farmers, athletes

We seek:

* Build out global campaigns together
* Amplify each other's research
* Leverage each other's partner networks

In the Global Bean network since:
January 2023